Dr. Horace Wells Inducted into Connecticut Hall of Fame

Dr. William MacDonnell (L) and Connecticut Representative
Edwin Vargas (R) at the induction ceremony.

Dr. Horace Wells, who is credited with the discovery of anesthesia, was recently inducted into the Connecticut Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame, located at the State Capitol in Hartford, honors individuals from Connecticut who have distinguished themselves in their profession, both nationally and internationally. The Hall honors many well known Connecticut natives including Katherine Hepburn, Mark Twain, Jackie Robinson and Paul Newman. Wells’ image also appears on the seals of the Hartford Dental and Medical Societies. Dr. Wells, the first dentist to be honored in the Hall of Fame, was inducted along with Helen Keller, Nathan Hale, Meryl Streep and General Henry Burbeck. Former Editor-in- Chief of The Pulse, Dr. William MacDonnell and Connecticut State Representative Edwin Vargas were instrumental in seeing that Dr. Wells was honored by his home state.