Dear Dr. MacDonnell & Nadia,
I simply cannot tell you how grateful I am. The fact that you stayed "right there" and held my hand throughout the procedure was comforting beyond words. I could hardly believe the procedure took four hours, Thats Unbelievable !!!

Take care and continue your wonderful work.

Dear Dr. MacDonnell & Nadia,
Thank you both for making my gum graft & the anesthesia as painless as possible. The fact that I was able to set up the IV sedation about a month out (when more time is required) meant a lot to me. Nadia, thank you for answering all of my questions over email and text - you helped calm me down a lot. Dr. MacDonnell - thank you for making me as comfortable as possible, and for making me laugh before the procedure started when I was visibly nervous. You both helped tremendously - thank you both again!

Dr. MacDonnell,
Thanks so much for your great work yesterday and your wonderful bedside manner. I'm sorry I missed your call last evening. So nice of you to call. Followed your orders to a T even slept for 3 hours when I got home! I'm feeling much better this morning just a little achiness. First cup of coffee taste great! Thanks so much. Hope you have a wonderful summer. Enjoy your grandchildren and your upcoming bike trip in the Czech Republic. Thanks,
- MW 

You made this extremely anxiety-provoking procedure so manageable! You were so kind and made me feel confident I could get through this root canal after dealing with a root canal from Hell”
- P.D. 

Please thank Dr. MacDonnell for all the care he gave my wife and assistance he gave me. He is a real professional and a gentleman.

Please tell Dr. MacDonnell thank you so much for his warmth and compassion he gave to me at Dr. Laporta's office. He is such a gentleman. Seen Dr. Laporta today to have the sutures removed and he said he was so happy how good it all looked, healing up really nicely. Thank you Nadia for checking in on me and sending the claim out.
-Sincerely, C.J. 

I truly appreciated Dr. MacDonnell's time and expertise. My experience was completely positive, and I wouldn't be able to say enough good words about that day. 
- J.N. 

Dr. MacDonald, You are exceptional at your hobby! Deeply grateful for your compassionate, kind, optimistic and professional ways. You made everything (from beginning to end), more than tolerable!
- K.N

It has been a delight working with the two of you. Dr. MacDonnell left a lasting impression. He is such a kind man.

"My patients love you, thank you for being you, your great just thought I would tell you!!"
-Dr. Purviance

I just wanted to follow up and say thank you for yesterday.I appreciate everything you did to prepare for the day. It couldn't have been more relaxing and comfortable, and I don't know how I would get through such a procedure without you and Dr. Mac.
- A.L.

Dr. MacDonnell is amazing!! I can't say enough about how wonderful he was. It truly made a huge difference for me. Please let him know how appreciative I am. And thank you for all of your help as well!
- J.S.

Dr. M does an amazing job of easing your anxiety with his stellar anesthesia skills and a bedside manner that is excellent!!
- M.H.

"First of all, and most importantly, I wanted to let you know that you are working for a real gem. Dr. MacDonnell was so very nice and kind to me the day of my surgery. He was such a calming force on a crazy day!"
- W.J.

My patients love you, thank you for being you, your great just thought I would tell you!!
Dr. Purviance

“Dear Dr. McDonnell, I meant to tell you how great you were giving me the anesthesia during my dental ordeal. Caring, comforting and instilling my full trust into your work.”
-Thank you, JS

"I want to thank you for your understanding of my dental fears and phobias. I find it very embarrassing to be so overcome by my past experiences. I wish you well. You are a sweet man with a very good heart. Your services are a great blessing to many folks." 
- Sincerely, EC

"I have to tell you that this whole experience has been a positive one. My crown is finally in place and all doctors involved were just excellent. It was a pleasure meeting Dr. MacDonald. He is so sweet and it was a pleasure speaking with you. Thank you for everything."
-Sincerely, MZ

"This is the best Doctor I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. From the beginning of my dental surgery till the end there was absolutely no pain. He is absolutely amazing."
-Sincerely, RA

"I just want to thank you and Dr. MacDonnell so much for walking me through this whole process. I have no memories of any of the surgery - which is exactly what I wanted! Dr. MacDonnell was so warm & caring from the minute he saw me in the dentist's waiting room. My boyfriend, could not stop talking about how impressed he was with Dr. MacDonnell's bedside manner! I will recommend your office to anyone who is afraid of oral surgery." 


Dear Drs., Sokolowski and Macdonnell,

I’m writing to thank you for the excellent care you provided for anesthesia treatment during a root canal at Quinnipiac Endodontics on March 25.  My chronic pain issues create problems during routine medical procedures but, your patience, professionalism and kindness made for a stress free, pain free appointment.  I also want to extend appreciation for the exceptional support provided to both my husband and me by Nadia Montiel.  We contacted your office in a bit of a panic when we learned I needed an anesthesiologist to assist with my root canal.  Nadia was exceptionally understanding and compassionate.  She took immediate steps to coordinate an appointment with my endodontist, ensured all paperwork was provided before and after my appointment and followed up regularly even later in the evening of my procedure.   My only regret is that I was not able to meet her and give her a big, sincere hug.

With much appreciation,